A Wishing Well - The Rooks (US)

Label:Not Lame / Castle Records
Highlights:In The Neighborhood
I'm Not A Joker
Some And Others

It took The Rooks seemingly forever to record A Wishing Well, with the band not only having to endure endless delays during its creation but also personal tragedy. As often is the case with great artists, their best work is often made under great duress and The Rooks are no different. The Wishing Well is not only their finest work to date but also one of the finest pop albums of recent years. Not only does Michael Mazzarella write great songs but is admirably backed up by the sorely under-rated guitarist Kristen Pinell. On top of this, many of the songs are augmented by a combination of strings and horns, which add further depth and charm to an already great album. Like a lot of great albums it doesnít immediately grab you but instead is the type that slowly reveals its charms with each listen. It wouldnít be unfair to compare A Wishing Well to a cross between Sgt. Peppers (without the whimsy) and Big Starís #1 Record but at the same time, it still has itís own charm and place. A mature, wistful and contemplative record, A Wishing Well is what you might call a psychedelic in the true sense of the word.

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